7 Reasons to Outsource Your IT Support

7 Reasons to Outsource Your IT Support
It’s undeniable that we live in an age where everything is connected to some type of data management system. Data has become the new currency and how we manage that data or information, can significantly affect our business for better or worse.

This is why more and more companies are reaching out to third-party managed IT providers. If you are thinking about making the jump to third-party IT support, here are the seven biggest reasons to take that leap.

Managing Pesky Supplier Relationships

One of the biggest challenges in business today is managing that long list of suppliers and getting them to deliver what they promised. It can be a fill time job on its own; between phone lines, printers, switchboards, hosting and more! Outsoucring to a company like iTree Solutions will mean that the last call you make to your suppliers will be to tell them that they need to deal with us. iTree Solutions takes over management of all pre-existing relationships with vendors that you may have. Gone are the days of spending countless hours listening to that dreadful on-hold music. Outsourcing enables you to do what you do best, thats running your business.

Cost Savings

An IT Manager has an average annual salary of R240,000 per annum. Throw in the cost of the initial recruitment, all company benefits and ongoing training to ensure they have the latest skills required and the costs start to spiral. Outsourcing your IT services provides financial benefits such as lower overheads, bulk purchasing and leasing options for hardware and software, software licenses, as well as potential compliance with government regulations. Outsourcing could give you access to a whole team of experts for less than the cost of an IT manager... let that sink in for a second.

Access to Management Expertise

With rapidly changing technologies and evolving versions of software it just isn't possible for a single person or a small to team to have enough exposure to the vast array of products available today. With a third party IT Support service you have access to leading edge technology and resources, which helps you stay competitive in your industry.


What would happen if your inhouse IT person were already involved in one crisis when another one crops up? How does the business manage when they are on holiday of off sick? Or the most common issue; what happens when a serious issue arises that they cant resolve? A third party IT support service has maultiple resources available to them which makes them available to you 24/7.

Pro-Active Maintenance

Chances are that you typically address a problem as it arises. By this time it is likely that your business and staff productivity have been affected to some degree. Pro-Active remote monitoring of your IT network on a 24/7 basis as part of an outsourced IT support contractallows issues and problems to be identified and addressed even before they affect the user, reducing the downtime they could experience as a result.

Innovation and Forward Thinking

Whilst your current IT network may be ticking along causing only the occassional problem, have you considered the range of additional services that could add value to your business? Have you considered making your workforce more mobile by providing access to the network from home? Have you considered the benefits of cloud solutions to reduce the ongoing capital and support costs?

Access to the Latest Technology

Before you even blink these days, the latest and greatest is suddenly obsolete... how is one staff member going to keep up-to-date with an ever changing Information Technology landscape? Outsourcing gives you the benefit of partnering with a team of specialist propeller heads who monitor and advise on the benefits of an ever changing market.
"Outsourcing any function of your business takes incredible faith and trust in whoever you give the responsibility to. It's like give a part of you to someone else to care for, sort of like a marriage"
Steven Nel - Managing Director at iTree Solutions
Businesses dont just outsource their IT functions to iTree Solutions, it is a personal relationship between two businesses. Partnering with us means having access to the best service, support and technology at your fingertips. We essentially become your IT department. For more information on outsourcing your IT support services, or if you are interested in partnering with us, head over to our contact us page and reach out to us.